Participants benefit because they are better
positioned to achieve their
retirement goals.

Service Highlights

Retirement Plan Advisory Group is the energy hub for an unprecedented collaboration of the nation’s top retirement advisors. With single-minded purpose, RPAG advisors work hard to arm sponsors with what they need to know, when they need to know it. To stay compliant. To reduce costs. To gain the benefit of higher plan performance.

Like a power grid, RPAG fast forwards advisors to do great work for sponsors with the expertise, technology, strategies and systems needed to improve on your plan. Some of what you can count on from your RPAG advisor:

  • In-depth Investment Due Diligence and Analysis
  • Extensive Benchmarking on Services and Fees
  • Full RFP Vendor Searches
  • Complete Plan Resources and Fiduciary Support
  • Best Practices in Planning, Execution and Service

Above all, expect added peace of mind.

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